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Our project

Our team work on a  web social gaming platform for host our games with several advantages. The goal of this platform it's to bring a unique social structure for our games and the community. Some of these social element are : Friends list, Group , Clan , Unified interfaces, Replay , Match-making, Success, and many other cool social option.

The platform bring to the team a BIG advantage :  The continuous deployment ! An artist can make an update without any developers ...

Besides that we work on some Multiplayer games for the launch of this platform. All of our games will be totally free, we expect to monetize our games only with skins and social advantages.

Actually this platform is named Ethernium. We do not close the possibilty for other company to be able to make games for the platform.

Tools & Technologies

We work with  NodeJS  and  Python  as back-end language. We use NodeJS as main language for http servers and Python for other UNIX scripts like continuous deployment etc.

For the game-developpement we use a fairly recent software named  Superpowers and developped by Sparklin Labs. It is a free and open source HTML5 game maker built with TypeScript, Socket.IO and Three.JS .